From the Ground Up

Surface and sub-surface effects in 15th-16th century Netherlandish paintings
Abbie Vandivere conducted research on Early Netherlandish Paintings as part of the project The Impact of Oil.
Her PhD dissertation focuses on how each part of a painting's layer structure "from the ground up" has a function when the properties of the oil medium are exploited. Data was obtained through the technical examination of Early Netherlandish paintings from European collections. Her study focused on:
• the painting technique of the Leiden School
• the visibility of underdrawing
• coloured intermediate layers (the primuersel)
• the depiction of shot silk (changeant) fabrics, and
• surface effects that supply texture to fabrics.
Abbie Vandivere received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam in June 2013. You can watch her PhD Defence in the video on this page.
Please contact Abbie if you would like to access a digital copy of 'From the Ground Up'.

Dr. Abbie Vandivere, accredited painting conservator based in the Netherlands